I’m Abby Loberg and I’m excited to serve the people of Grand County.

I am a retired 8th grade teacher from East Grand Middle School. I’m passionate about educating our youth and inspiring their creativity and imaginations. I ran for Clerk and Recorder because I care about a fair and accurately represented election process.

My Campaign Focus


the accuracy, integrity, and transparency of Grand County elections


with the commissioners to re-staff the clerk’s office to full capacity


all vital records and transactions are performed quickly and efficiently

Voting is like oxygen

“Voting is like oxygen. It’s absolutely essential for the life of a healthy democracy. It’s up to all of us to protect and ensure that right for all citizens.”

Abby Loberg

Help Abby become your County Clerk

  • Accuracy
  • Integrity
  • Transparency

Are those the qualities you’d like from your next county clerk? Then let’s help spread the word!


on the issues:

2020 Election

I believe the 2020 election was fair (and not stolen) in Colorado

Future Elections

I will continue to ensure Grand County elections are fair, transparent, professional, and ethical

Customer Service

I will advocate with the commissioners and voters to make sure the Clerk and Recorders office is fully funded and fully staffed, in order to provide efficient customer service that people expect


I pledge to follow all state and federal laws regarding all aspects of the job

Voting Access

I will guarantee that all Grand County citizens have equal access to voting